GE JP3030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with 4 Radiant Elements

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Top Positive Review

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the glass cooktop. Nonetheless, as renters, we inherited a damaged cooktop that had a broken glass top. For safety and aesthetic reasons, we decided to go ahead and replace it.

This unit was just what we needed. It fit the dimensions of the outgoing cook top just right. It was easy to install and the process was complete in under one hour by my husband who is not a professional at such things.

Each of the heating elements seem to come to temperature fairly quickly. Additionally, each has its own function beyond straight cooking. These include settings for power boil, keep warm, and melt. Being the holiday cooking season, I’m looking forward to trying them all. It also came with a scraper, cooktop cleaner, and a scrubbing pad which were unexpected but nice additions.

We ordered this unit one day and it was delivered the next. So far, we’ve been very pleased with the whole process. Thank you from two happy consumers! 🙂

Top Critical Review

Update 05/2020: It lasted this long. From the time I first wrote my review till now. The large front burner is not turning on now, but the signal light stays on. So now I need to figure out how to replace the burner.

I wanted one of these (sleek flat stoves) forever. I thought it would be the solution to all my problems as far as keeping my stove clean. But boy was I wrong!

This thing gets food onto it like it’s nobody’s business. It does it in seconds, before it has time to cool so you can wipe it off. It does it with anything and everything. Like, If you are boiling potatoes, god forbid they should boil over (which seems to be a ritual practice for my family), the water will instantly evaporate and what you are left with is caramelized on potatoes starch.

If you get hot sugar on it or leave an empty pot heating, it is possible to warp the glass. I use cast iron which I used to season right on the stove – can’t do that anymore. I am actually afraid to use cast iron at all, since I could potentially drop it and crack the glass.

It is impossible le to regulate temperatures since the burner stays blistering hot once it is hot because, well, it is glass and that does not cool as rapidly as metal. So if you bring something to a boil and then want to lower it to a simmer, it will continue to boil for longer than you’d expect.

Someone in a comment had said that this is not for someone who cooks a lot and my first thought was psh, they just don’t know what they’re doing. But now I know what they meant. If you want to run your kitchen like a restaurant chef, then this is not for you. If you are a fast cook, this is probably not for you. This is for patient people who take a lot of care not to spill or shake their pans on the stove.

But now I’m stuck with this, so I will deal.

I still love the flat surface, though. I wish there was a way to incorporate that and the sturdiness of an electric or gas stove. That would be perfect.

All that said, this works just as good as other glass cooktop and it looks pretty when it is kept clean (may the force be with you). I also love that it is not digital but has knobs.

Customer Questions & Answers

what is the power for this 115 or 220V?
Answer: You must use a two-wire, three conductor 208/240
VAC, 60 Hertz electrical system.

El m??o es de largo 29/3/4 y ancho 21/1/4 servir?? uno como este
Answer: Debes saber muy bien es la abertura de tu mes??n o donde lo vas a meter.

Hay un archivo pdf en la publicaci??n del producto en Amazon, donde te da las medidas exactas para considerar antes de comprar, ya que va empotrado.

One of the larger burners just died and it??s only 1 &1/2 years old. Is it fixable?
Answer: Hello. It IS fixable but it is out of warranty and will be expensive to fix. My guess is $200-$300 with the trip charge. That??s cheaper than a new cooktop. It??s a shame it didn??t last longer.

is the stove top available in white
Answer: Yes it it, search ge, or homeD site

what are the cutout dimensions?
Answer: my cutout is 29″ by 18 1/2 do you sell a glass drop in cooktop that will fit??

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